The Federal Systems Division has a management team with over 30+ years of experience undertaking telecommunications projects throughout the U.S., the Middle East, and Africa. The management team took the initiative and introduced innovative mobile stand-alone telecommunication networks in the Middle East during the Desert Shield/Desert Storm operation.
The first contract was at Ft. Ritchie, Maryland, with the U.S. Army in 1984 after which we quickly added the GSA, the Air Force and numerous others to our customer base. The contract mix initially consisted of either telephone switch procurements or outside cable plant installations. As new technologies came on stream, we gained technical competence in these technologies, enhancing and expanding our product/service offerings. The first fiber optic cable project was accomplished in 1987 at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey for the U.S. Army.
By 1985 the company entered another phase of the telecommunications industry. Long distance resale (telecenters) were designed and installed at Army, Air Force and Naval bases. These facilities provided long distance telephone service to U.S. troops throughout the CONUS. Our competitive advantages are: demonstrated ability to successfully execute Application Engineering and Integration programs; early penetration into the telecommunication network markets; and the ability to find innovative financing for customers. Consulting marketing services are employed as needed to identify and develop international opportunities. Teaming relationships are developed with majority firms to address large projects.


  • The demonstrated ability to successfully execute Application Engineering and Systems Integration Programs along with Network Engineering and Security Monitoring
  • Utilization of marketing services as needed to identify and develop opportunities in CONUS and OCONUS
  • We have established business relationships with majority firms to address large projects requirements if required


  • Align our market thrusts where growth is possible
  • Continue improving the quality of our systems and services
  • Increasing the levels of customer, user and operator satisfaction in the systems and services delivered.


  • Network Systems Integration and Maintenance
  • Control and Switching Equipment
  • Computer Peripherals Equipment
  • Computer Storage Devices
  • Fiber Optic Systems (inside and outside cable plant)
  • Training
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Security Analysis and Monitoring
  • Systems Design and Training